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Child Custody in Washington Oregon and New York

Child Custody in Washington Oregon and New York

Child custody is a legal term that is made use of to explain the practical and legal relationship between a child and a parent in that individual’s guidance. It’s a verdict put forth by the court regarding which parent would ultimately be bestowed with the custody, charge, and care of the child following a separation or divorce.
The states of Washington, New York, and Oregon come with renowned law firms, like the Hoover Law Group, who, with their group of skillful attorneys, would aid their clientele in bringing their objectives to fruition. These lawyers work on cases such as Immigration Law, Criminal Defense, Automobile Accidents, Family Law, and Personal Injury. Child Custody/Visitation falls under the domain of “Family Law”, and is the theme of this write-up. Fighting an ugly battle with your spouse as to who rightfully deserves the custody of your child? This article furnishes you with all the relevant information pertaining to child custody.

Child Custody Laws in Oregon
When settling on the custody of a child in Oregon, Washington, or New York, the judge takes into account the “best interest of the child”, that encompasses several facets. They are:
• Any past incident of mistreatment or abuse by any of the parents that the child had to endure.
• Emotional attachment between the family members and the child.
• Whether the chief caregiver of the child is suitable enough in proceeding with caring for the child.
• The interest of both the parents in and way of behaving towards the child.
• The ability and eagerness of each parent to foster and enable a persisting and close relationship between the child and the other parent.
• A child custody case in court can also include rumination on the child’s own fondness for each parent, and evidence by the family members or expert eyewitnesses might be lent an ear to.
Let’s now take a look at the fundamental child custody laws in Oregon.
• The child custody laws in Oregon forbid a court to grant custody of the child solely depending upon the financial position or gender of the parents.
• The parents are unable to move more than 60 miles from their native place. If they must move, they’re required to file the move with the court, thereby formulating a new proposal for holidays and weekends.
• Similar to other law courts, Oregon urges the divorcing parents to unite in chalking out the details regarding the upbringing of the child post divorce. If both the parties disagree, the court intervenes to sort out issues, and comes at a decision pertaining to the best interest of the child.
• Going by the Oregon law, the desires of the child is generally not taken into account. However, if he/she is above 14 years of age, and nurtures some resolute inclinations, then these preferences might be given a thought for a complete decision.
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