Reasons you should have appropriate auto insurance

In most states, full automobile insurance is required by law. If you are injured by someone who is not insured, your insurance company steps into the shoes of the third party insurance company. Our law firm has handled many cases involving uninsured motorists and the subsequent issues that result in such cases.

Valid document proof

Uninsured motorists don’t just pose a risk to themselves and their means of transport, lack of insurance can have consequences in court. In some states, if you do not have proof of insurance, you cannot make a claim for personal injury. Our law firm has handled many cases involving this situation and insurance coverage can be found in limited circumstances.

Vehicle protection

There is always a risk of an accident when getting on the road. While you may be a highly experienced rider with complete vehicular control, insurance is important in order to protect your vehicle. In the case that you are in an accident unintentionally, most of the time you are repaid the entire value of your vehicle or the amount required for repairs.

Compliance with law

It is required by law to have motorcycle insurance in most parts of the world. Uninsured motorists can be penalized and repeated offenses can lead to cancellation or suspension of your driving permit. Insurance has been mandated and enforced as a necessary document by transportation authorities across the globe and as such, all motorists have to procure it at the time of purchasing their vehicles.