Your Guide to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

One of the major causes of death across the world is auto accidents. Motorcyclists are most vulnerable to these accidents due to their size and lack of exterior protection. Here are three tips to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Do not ride when you are exhausted or inebriated

One of the biggest mistakes made by motorcyclists is driving while drowsy. This might be early in the morning when you have to make it to work or late in the evening going home. It is proven that the brain works at a sub-optimal level when you are sleepy, causing slow responsiveness and putting you at the risk of an accident. Driving while fatigued equates to driving under the influence of alcohol, so it's best to avoid. Driving in such a state not only violates the law, but also puts others at risk.

Avoid travelling at night

While you might argue that motorcycle accidents are quite common during the day, it is actually three times more likely for a fatal accident to occur at night. With limited visibility and increased driving speeds, driving in the dark can be extremely dangerous. To be wary of reckless drivers, and stray animals on the road; stay alert, keep your high beams on, and keep to one side of the road.

Pay close attention to weather conditions

Weather makes the roads increasingly dangerous. In excessive heat, your tires can burst from air pressure. In cold, ice makes the roads slippery causing collisions when people lose control of their vehicles. Motorcyclists are even more prone to these consequences of weather. On these days, if possible take a car rather than your bike.