Washington and Oregon Injury Law: Choice of Law

April 3, 2018
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June 24, 2018

Washington and Oregon Injury Law: Choice of Law



Accident Law: Which Law To Choose When An Accident Occurs On The Border Of WA And OR

Accident laws are complex and so are the tenets of the legal system. At the border of Oregon and Washington when an accident occurs on the border it becomes difficult to decide on the settlement and which law to follow. According to the Hoover Group which has been practicing law in the Pacific Northwest for many years now, the laws in Washington are more filling and substantiated. According to this law group when there is a dilemma it is better to choose the legal system of the state of Washington.

Knowing the law:

There are different aspects of the legal system of Oregon that is to be studied with prowess and precision to obtain the right path. On the other hand, you need to know that interrogatories do not exist in Oregon while they do exist in Washington. The cost of filing claim in Washington is more convenient so when the accident occurs on the border of both the states, you would better choose the legal system of Washington simply because the law is more convenient.

Difference of laws:

The laws are widely different in the state of Washington and Oregon and it is likely to affect the proceedings of the case greatly. The course of action of every law will different in both the states including the jurors and the jury panel. The striking difference of the legalities are different undoubtedly and a lot of cases can be sited for references to check how the matter has been resolved when it comes to the accident law, Even though there is greater stress on choosing the law of Washington you need to get inside the matter.

Just like the trials of the state differ in both the case, the consequences are different as well whether it is in the method of arbitration or the statutes of limitations.

Oregon and Washington:

What is required to be done in the state of Washington when it comes to the legal matters and what one needs to do in Oregon at first? The sharing of information has got to be broad if you are keen to get the benefits through the process of trial. Oregon is a place which is run by the insurance industry and the Washington differs from that greatly. The constant connection between both the states makes it a little cumbersome for the parties involved in accident to decide but it needs to come anyway.

The difference in the legal system often creates trouble for people to arrive at a decision but the law will move on its own and as far as the tenets of the two legal systems are concerned, one needs to choose the option which more suitable and yields the best results.

— Gregory Scott Hoover, Attorney at Law


Gregory Scott Hoover’s primary area of legal practice is in the form of civil, personal injury and criminal litigation, immigration law and assisting those involved in EB-5 transactions. Mr. Hoover is licensed in both Oregon and Washington, and New York, U.S.A., and England and Wales, U.K. Mr. Hoover is also a skilled negotiator, mediator and arbitrator. As a skilled negotiator and litigator, Mr. Hoover can skillfully resolve your situation through effective negotiations or, if necessary, aggressively represent your matter in court.

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  1. Elle says:

    I’m an Oregon Driver and got into an accident in WA. It’s 100% the other driver’s fault. I want to claim for: 1. Car depreciation value ($16000 damage, paid by my insurance, I’m paying the deductible), 2. Loss of Wages (I don’t have sick hours), 3. Pain and Suffering (Not able to work well, I’m a pharmacist and pain on my left arm and back. Stress of not able to enjoy my normal life while it’s sunny out. Such as outdoor activities. Cancelled two hiking trips. Not able to do my garden work). 4. Inconvenience (All the paper work). 5. All the out of the pocket cost (Deductible, car rental). I would like to claim $50k+ out of pocket cost. Should I hire a lawyer?

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