Hoover Law Group Handles DUIs in Three States

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March 2, 2018
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Hoover Law Group Handles DUIs in Three States


Arraigned with a DUI? Resort to the Help of the Hoover Law Group in Seattle, WA or Portland, Oregon or New York City, NY

DUI or Driving under the Influence refers to an illegal act of driving a vehicle while the motor and mental functionalities are damaged by alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances. An individual would be arraigned with a DUI when his/her BAC level comes to or higher than .08%. For people who possess a Commercial Driver’s License, the permissible limit is .04%.Drunk driving is deemed as the major source of casualties associated with motorized vehicles in Oregon.

If ever you find yourself caught up in the mesh of such a repulsive act, feel free to consult with the hoover Law Group. These lawyers, with their chief emphasis of action in both Oregon and Washington and New York, are very knowledgeable DUI lawyers. With stringent sentencing laws and the inclusion of DUI felonies, these criminal lawyers with the best of their abilities speak for their clients’ interests, and manage their cases through trial.

Key Differences between Washington and Oregon DUI Laws

• A significant variation between Washington and Oregon DUI cases lies in their Deferred Sentencing Programs for individuals accused with DUI. The first-time lawbreakers, that are people who have no record of DUI since the past fifteen years, are qualified for this Diversion Program in Oregon. It entails the candidates to pay a specific amount, take part in the advisable treatment, and restrain themselves from consuming alcohol for a year. The case is dissolved post a year if the individual accedes to the declared requirements. Washington, on the other hand, provides Deferred Prosecution that encompasses treatment on a large scale and can be availed of once in a lifetime. Post five years with law-adhering conduct, the charge is dissolved.

• A first DUI is considered as a ‘freebie’ in Oregon since a fair deal of individuals partakes in Diversion Program and have the trials dissolved. Washington, on the other hand, doesn’t own any such framework and a Deferred Prosecution must only be taken up with guidance of an attorney and circumspection.

• If a person is indicted for in Washington, there’re scopes for holding back evidences, the litigation of issues, and arrive at an appeal for matters other than a DUI, for instance, rash driving. However, in Oregon, the probabilities are quite restricted; one has to either plead to a DUI, or appear for a court case.

Administrative Punishments

In case an individual is lawfully arrested for a first-time DUI crime and the chemical tests corroborate his/her inebriated state with the BAC level .08% or higher, that individual would be confronted with an administrative suspension of the license for 90 days. The license would be suspended for a year if the person declines to yield to the chemical test, thereby flouting Oregon’s consent laws. Post the completion of the license-suspension term, the drivers charged with first-time DUI offense need to get “Ignition Interlock Device” on their conveyances.

Criminal Punishments

A first-time DUI offender is awarded an imprisonment that can extend from two days to a year. Usually, the least fine for a first-offense DUI is $1000, along with a conviction payment of $255. However, in case the BAC limit is found to be at .15% or higher, the fine comes to a hefty one at $2000.

Thus, the Hoover Law Group in New York Washington state and Oregon, with their polished expertise, can rule out the invalid testaments from court to attain a supreme resolution, or even an absolution through trial.


Gregory Scott Hoover’s primary area of legal practice is in the form of civil, personal injury and criminal litigation, immigration law and assisting those involved in EB-5 transactions. Mr. Hoover is licensed in both Oregon and Washington, and New York, U.S.A., and England and Wales, U.K. Mr. Hoover is also a skilled negotiator, mediator and arbitrator. As a skilled negotiator and litigator, Mr. Hoover can skillfully resolve your situation through effective negotiations or, if necessary, aggressively represent your matter in court.
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