Expungements, or the vacating of a record of conviction, or the sealing of criminal records, are vital for the livelihood of those who have a criminal record. It is the process that allows them to begin again and start over with a clean slate. In both states, Washington and Oregon, the laws do allow for the vacating or sealing of criminal convictions and criminal police records. This would help anyone with job applications, better credit, and an improvement of their reputation in society. Also, with the recent legalization of marijuana possession in both states, past convictions, whether felony or misdemeanor, may be applicable to be vacated (expunged) regardless of how long it has been from the date of the original conviction. This is due to the fact that the illegal behavior convicted of before, is not illegal now. By hiring the Hoover Law Group, a thorough investigation will be conducted and a vigorous application made to vacate and / or seal the client’s past criminal records. 2014 by The Law Office of Gregory Scott Hoover, P.L.L.C. All rights reserved.